Wednesday, February 07, 2007


You may have read that I spent much of last week preparing a base for a garage I'm putting in next to the house. I can't tell you how much fun this was:

but you can probably just about make out the grin on my face.

The next bit was awkward though - I had to get the site inspector out to monitor my work and make sure I was complying with all necessary building regulations. I was shiting myself about this bit:

After a solid week's work, this is as far as I've gotten:

Believe it or not, it took six hours' work just to get that wooden frame square and level. This is important to me, because you get a great sense of satisfaction from it when you finally get it right. I understand that 90% of people will not share this enthusiasm.

This is the reason I am building a garage:

The boat is almost 25 years old and was built by my grandad and dad. It was one of many they made back at the height of their business in the early '80's. This one was sold to an old friend of my grandad. He died a few years ago, and I bought the boat off his family; they had no interest in keeping it. It's to my great shame that it has lain there for almost five years untouched. It's kind of an heirloom, and means a lot to me. The garage will allow me to get it restored to its former beauty.

And finally, despite being the whitest little white girl around, my baby girl appears to be developing an Afro:


Mairéad blathered this crap:

How did you get it over to Scotland, Kav?
Any news?

superstar blathered this crap:

good picture

Kav blathered this crap:

mairéad: The first company I worked for in Scotland paid for my relocation, which included the cost of bringing the boat! I was extremely fortunate.

superstar: Thanks. Which one?

Anonymous blathered this crap:

She's the cutest little girl ever. Look at those angel cheeks. Adorable.

John Mc blathered this crap:

jaysus that looks like fun. I have been meaning to put a small patio outside my back door for ages. All it means is leveling a bit of land 15 x 5 which is only slightly angled, digging it down and laying gravel and paving stones and I can't seem to get the finger out. You have inspired me.

Primal Sneeze blathered this crap:

"It's kind of an heirloom, and means a lot to me. The garage will allow me to get it restored to its former beauty".

I hear a mushy song coming ... Build a little boathouse in your soul.

Cindy-Lou blathered this crap:

Afros are cool.

The Swearing Lady blathered this crap:

Fo sho, dawg. Yo bitch iz da shizzle.

My mate Flutt's better half has one of those mini-diggers, and he loves it so madly he uses it for everything. He's taken to killing her pets just so's he can dig graves for them.

Also, noice coat, bud.

Kav blathered this crap:

debbie: She is indeed gorgeous. She must get it from her mother.

john: I'm telling you, go for it. They're surprisingly cheap to hire, and for a job like you're talking about, would get the work done in a couple of hours. I spent two solid days digging with a spade before I realised the futility of my situation. If I'd known how reasonable they are, I'd have got one from the get-go. Have fun!

shneezy: Maybe john could write a song about one man and his boat, with all the bloggers joining in for the chorus: "I'm fixing a boat made of love".

cindy-lou: Cool they are, but unusual on a Caucasian infant such as she is.

sweary: You just made me snort at work, good work. Killing pets indeed.

Thanks, it took me, like, forever to find the right outfit for that photo shoot.

Flirty Something blathered this crap:

Ahhhhhhhhh - cute daughter and the fact she is a site inspector at such a young age shows great promise for the future.

Conan Drumm blathered this crap:

Kav, is that a clinker-built 17-footer river boat? It's no wonder with those genes that you want to be working with your hands. I envy you your digger fun, when does the concrete get poured? The Kavlet is ridiculously cute and an advertisement for getting back together with our Scots cousins (er, only the distant ones!)

Kav blathered this crap:

flirty: Yeah, she's a clever one.

conan: You have a good eye on you sir. She's actually 17'6", clinker-built from larch, and has spent most of her life on the Corrib. I'm hoping to get her up to Loch Lomond once I've cleaned her up.

Concrete doesn't get pored for a couple of weeks yet. Still have the secondary frame to build and then get the aggregate delivered to fill up the foundations a bit.

flutt blathered this crap:

I LOVE those little mini diggers, I see Sweary has already posted and it's all lies, lies I tell you. But yeah, he is a bit obsessed wit it, actually, he DID use it to bury my kitten. Shit, he really is obsessed.

Kav blathered this crap:

You killed a kitten just so he could bury it?

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride blathered this crap:

That's a beautiful wee sprogina you have there, Kav. And at that age they're still producing plenty of quantities to survey, in a manner of speaking.

The Problem Husband wants one of these wee diggers. Not that we have any work that needs doing right at the moment but he just wants to dig holes and fling dirt around. Maybe dig some more, do some tricky filling in, I dunno but he drooled when he looked at them at the county fair last year.

flutt blathered this crap:

yes, I did, wheres the harm like?

Sassy Sundry blathered this crap:

Your daughter is adorable.

Hope the garage takes less time than the boat.

Old Knudsen blathered this crap:

Much like the boat I worked on and posted about, even the same colour.
A noble endeavour, don't worry about yer kids hair, the Irish are a lost tribe of Africa, that explains the huge penis right?

Kav blathered this crap:

sam: She keeps my hands full, that's for sure.

It has to be a man thing - those diggers are feckin brilliant. That one in the picture is a 1.5 ton machine, and to buy it new it costs £12,000. Yeah, I am so sad that I asked the guy, thinking if they were only about a grand I could maybe save up for one...

flutt: Come one over here, there's loads of neighbourhood pets. We could do a tag team effort - you carry out the slaughter, then we slap hands and I lep into the ring and bury them six feet deep.

sassy: Thanks. God, so do I - I hope to have the garage sorted by the end of March, then spend the next year or so after that getting the boat right. Summer '08 she should be out on the water.

old knudsen: Aye, I remember that post well...beautiful things, they are. I can't even post about my cock on here, it's so enormous.

Summer blathered this crap:

Ohhhh! I love her hair. You'll laugh to know that I might have the same bedding she has now....and I'm supposed to be an adult.

Anyhoo, I'm THRILLED for the garage. I didn't have one until we moved to this house and I can say I love it. I love it more than my husband does. I'm organizing it now.

I don't know much about boats. I'm sure it's quite nice though. I know your all about quality!

Kav blathered this crap:

Some people think it's nothing, but yeah, to me it's the best thing in the world. After sex. And food.

Anonymous blathered this crap:

Takk fyrir ahugaverd blog