Wednesday, February 07, 2007

John Reid is an idiot

I tend to avoid political talk on this blog - there's nothing I could add that hasn't already been said by someone with a far better grasp of the situation than I - but that story in recent days about the three lads who met on an incest chatroom who plotted to rape two young sisters really riled me up.

They were given indeterminate sentences with an 11-year tariff for Beavan and eight-year tariffs for the other two.

Cunts! What the fuck is going on with the laws in the UK and Ireland? Why can someone get 20 years for attempted bank robbery (a crime the bank's insured against, in any event), but only get five years (and be out in three - that's this year that this babyfucking animal could be back out) for raping a 13-month-old baby?

If the thought that those bastards will even be let out of prison without being chemically neutered isn't enough to piss you off, consider John Reid, the Home Secretary, and his response to cracking down on paedophilia:

Sex offenders could be forced to register their e-mail addresses and chatroom names, the government says. Home Secretary John Reid said he may make paedophiles put online identity details on the Sex Offenders Register.

Oooh! If we know their email address they'll never do anything bad online again! This is the equivalent of confiscating a child's cigarettes, then giving him money to buy more when he's leaving the house.

I was aghast when I heard this. I thought people only got aghast in Agatha Christie novels, but fucking aghast I was. What a stupid, dimwitted, cuntish proposal. The BBC have a "computer expert" commenting on the foolishness of Reid's comments, but let's face it, you don't need to be a technical genius to know it takes three minutes to create a brand-new online identity. Who do you think leaves comments on this blog? 30 different Kavs, that's who.

Solipsism aside, Reid's competence clearly needs to be brought into question if this is how he proposes improving how we track paedophiles.

Castration, I'm telling you. Any cunt who carries out these sick acts is psychologically damaged, and THERE IS NO WAY TO REHABILITATE THEM. If that sounds harsh, please go ahead and prove me wrong, but no human rights bullshit, thanks.

Here's a proposal for you John: if someone sticks their dick into, or otherwise sexually abuses, ANYBODY, then they lose the right to their balls. Let's see how many repeat offenders we get using that approach.


Mr Eugenides sums this up much more succinctly than I.

Oh, and The Devil's Kitchen also tears him a new one. Splendid.


whyioughtta blathered this crap:

Wait...back up the bus..."incest chatroom"? Gaaaag.

Human rights arguments are mostly bullshit in these situations... this is a matter of faulty wiring. I mean, maybe there's some personal choice here, but clearly these people are just improperly wired. So since they can't override their urges, yes, maybe society needs to get involved medically and override the urges for them.

As for the sentences/tariffs...judges who give sentencing like that need to lose their license, plain and simple.

Kav blathered this crap:

That's exactly the problem - handing out a sentence and making someone spend time in jail is not going to take away their compulsion to abuse innocent children. Neither is therapy.

The way I see it, if these cunts infringe on someone else's human rights in such a way, they lose any human rights of their own. Their behaviour's lower than animal, never mind human.

Dario Sanchez blathered this crap:

Never mind sterilisation, Kav; the only way to deal with cunts like these is to put them in a padded cell indefinitely and expose them to experimental drugs. That way, some good may come of these sub-humans.

The Swearing Lady blathered this crap:

What good is steralisation? Sure steralisation never made anyone any less horny.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride blathered this crap:

I'm assuming that the incest chatroom was set up to help out victims of incest and just got trawled by these degenerates. I'm assuming and hoping to hell it was not set up by them and for them.

I'm for a free internet and all but here is a case where human nature and common sodding sense tells us that far from acting as a harmless release for the pervs, these sites exacerbate their urges and can lead to this revloting scenario.

Parents should do their job and protect their kids from this filth but, again, human nature and common sense tells us some parents don't care what their kids are looking at on the computer as long as they're not interrupting Eastenders. Good parenting is damn near impossible to legislate for because 1. we shouldn't need the state to nanny for us and 2. there will always be useless parents with infinite ways of being astoundingly stupid and negligent with their kids. But this is not the fault of their kids and these are the most vulnerable out there.

So I'm for some sort of policing of these sites. Perhaps it's best left as it is, kind of low key, undercover police work - the police were obviously all over this one and the moment we make a great strumash on TV and stuff about setting up new standards on the net it just drives these people further underground.

But then the judges have to show that they're worth at least some of their enormous salaries and not let the country down when it comes to sentencing. Psychological reports are often useful but in this sordid baby-rape case their is almost nothing that will mitigate the fact that this guy is dangerous. Our need to be protected from a fucking baby-raper trumps his right to ever be allowed in the community again, far less after flaming five years. Hard lines on him and people like him, but he is too deeply sick to get a say and to appreciate himself how dangerous he is. He is incapable of changing and we can't afford to take the chance he has because he had a cosy chat with a counsellor.

I've seen interviews with child-molestors who have begged to be knackered because they say they can't help themsleves. Like you say, the wiring is faulty, there are no reliable drug treatments for this and no amount of talk therapy can talk a brain as fucked up as that out of reoffending.

It's a question of what we value more in our society: the safety of our children; or the right of the individual to keep his putrid gonads.

I do think there is a human rights case to be heard and one size can clearly not fit all but, once heard, I still think most people would say their children's right to staying safe trumps one criminal's right to keep his sex drive.

We all have to live in the world together, good and bad, but some behaviour is so deviant and apparantly out of control that such criminals, for their own good and society's must allow that certain freedoms are too dangerous for them to have. Like the freedom to be allowed near children or to keep their balls.

Sorry for banging on.

Kav blathered this crap:

Dario: The extreme end of the scale, to be sure!

sweary: Fair comment - I've amended the post accordingly. I meant castrated.

sam: Great stuff. I'm not sure about the chatroom - my impression was that it was a site set up by sickos to discuss their fetishes. Again, I agree - these guys should automatically lose their righst when they infringe on someone else's in such a way.

purplestew blathered this crap:

i swear to god...criminals have more rights than the victims here (Canada) too. Stories like this make me sick.

The Voice of Treason blathered this crap:

I still content that locking a paedo up with a muscular black homosexual in prison is just the way to snuff out their urges. Let's see how they like being being Bubba's bitch for five years.

If the paedo reoffends upon release, then they get spit-roasted to the death by Bubba and his 'crew' with the strains of the Prodigy's 'Smack My Bitch Up' playing in the background.

I'm all for penal reform, me.

Annie Rhiannon blathered this crap:

The title of this post means nothing to me, it just backs up my claim in your previous post that over-use of the word "cunt" has completely diminished its value.

I saw this post and thought you were probably saying "John Reid is a great lad" or something.

Kav blathered this crap:

purplestew: Tis true.

voice of treason: Jesus, I thought my idea was brutal!

Annie: Amended.

Annie Rhiannon blathered this crap:


Mairéad blathered this crap:

I'm all for reason and being reasonable, but anyone who rapes a baby has just GOT to be castrated! Three strikes are just too many (two many, even!)for any child abuser. So, all in all, I'm with you, Kav.
Any news yet?

Kav blathered this crap:

annie: I accept your grin and raise you a wink.

mairéad: Word. No news yet, the bastids. Since they told me I'd hear by last Friday, I'm hoping it will be some time this week. I've already recovered from my rant on it the other day, mind you. Now I'm just kind of indifferent.

Bock the Robber blathered this crap:

Feet first.

Into a mincer.

Very simple.

Goodbye pervert.

Kav blathered this crap:

Simlpe yet effective. I like it.

Yorkshire Pudding blathered this crap:

As The Rt Hon John Reid is your current hometown MP, I think he deserves more respect than you are showing him in this malicious blogpost. If you think you can do better than him then why not try to get into parliament yourself old chap? Ha! Ha! Stumped you there haven't I!