Monday, January 22, 2007

Antivirus software

Can anyone recommend an alternative to Norton Antivirus/Internet Security (not McAfee)?

My subscription to Norton's running out soon and I've had enough of it. Slows the computer down something awful, and it's extremely cumbersome.

Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.


In other geek-related news, I downloaded an emulator for the old Nintendo (NES) at the weekend, and, after a 17-year hiatus, got myself re-addicted to Super Mario Brothers 3. It was like being 11 all over again, only with extra pubes.

What great games the old Nintendo had though. Having them on the PC means you can save them, not like the old days when you had to finish the game in wan sitting.


whyioughtta blathered this crap:

I use Avast... ...the geeks who built my PC put it on there, and geeks are never wrong...

I love SMB. I used to play it so much I'd have dreams that I was Mario, flying up in the clouds and shit. Good times. 'Course I was 12...


Gaijin Girl blathered this crap:

hi kav, i too like geeks as they write freeware or shareware for the benefit of the rest of us. if you don't want to pay, try the free versions of these. i have all three installed on my computer and have no probs. AVG is a good anti-virus (i tried avast too but found it a wee bit cumbersome) and for firewall, you could try zone alarm. another amazing program is spyware blaster. it just sits quietly in the background and you just check for updates every week or so. these three programs seem to work really well together. i'm not sure if the links will take you to the free version pages so you may need to click around.
um, i'm sure you're already using firefox, but if not i recommend that or opera as they're more secure than IE. there's also ccleaner which is nifty to clear cookies and other nasties when you start up. er, ahem, there are a few more programs i use. let me know if you want details.

hope this helps.

itelli blathered this crap:

F-secure does the job for the average user. If u want hardcore, try Kaspersky.

Conan Drumm blathered this crap:

just stay clear of the smut and you'll be fine!

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride blathered this crap:

AVG does the job for me and its OK. My puter is a bit slow and this slows it down a bit more but i've had no problems with it otherwise.

Eddie Waring blathered this crap:

Does it have Jet Set Willy or Daley Thompsons Decathlon? Or am I thinkin' of my ZX Spectrum circa 1984? Horace Goes Skiing and Football Manager too. They were fuckin' ace at the time. Shite now tho'.

Primal Sneeze blathered this crap:

I use BitDefender Plus v10. Find it great. Excellent antispam and antispyware tools built in and a much better firewall than XP's. Cheaper than Norton and McAfee too.

Don't have any performance issues but then my machine's running a 1.8GHz clock and has 1GB of RAM. Enough strength to bate an ass out of a cabbage field.

Kav blathered this crap:

Thank you very much everyone, that's much appreciated. I'm going to opt for one of the freebies this time around, I think.

AM in Bellyjum blathered this crap:

I've been using AVG the past 2 years since I dumped my Nortorn subscription.

It's good... pretty fast. The free version isn't very configurable, but hey, it's free!

Software firewalls... I hate them. Dumped those and went the hardware route.

F-Secure gets good mentions too, and they're European,which somehow tickles my fancy. Maybe I'll change over to them - if they're free...

Anne-Marie blathered this crap:

i use AVG as well - not sure ive managed to install the new version properly but im loving the porn pop ups all the same

Dario Sanchez blathered this crap:

Hey, does that emulator have Duck Hunt on it? I used to have dreams about those bastards getting away from me.

Apologies for my outburst a few days back - your blog is actually interesting and humourous, so I've spent the last few days in my Shame Box.

Pinkie blathered this crap:

Super Mario Brothers 3 - oh that brings back memories.
My fiance found a great website there while he was over at Christmas - don't know if you be interested but it has all the old NES games on it!!

Bloody brilliant tis -

Rambling Man blathered this crap:

i used to love playing rygar - anyone know where i can get that for the pc ?

justin barker blathered this crap:

avast coupled with Spybot and staying off the porn will do the trick.

Kav blathered this crap:

Thanks again lads and lassies, that should do me I think. I had no idea there was such good free software out there.

What's this about staying off the porn though Justin? That's just ridick, as Annie might say. And welcome to you.

Thanks for the link pinkie.

Dario, no worries at all. I'm not the type to hold something like that against you, twas just a bit of fun. BTW, Duck Hunt is available on the site I found - mail me if you want the details.

Rambling Man, Rygar is there too - again, just drop me a mail if you want those links. I'd rather not post them due to the questionable legalities. I, of course, own a copy of the original SMB3, so have no qualms about playing it now.

Brinx blathered this crap:

SOPHOS is pretty good.