Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas cheer

Just had a Christmas card through the letterbox. It was a small one, only about three inches by three, more of a gift tag than a card. Inside it said

To you

Hope you have a Merry rubbish Christmas.


Aw ay us*.

What sort of horrible vindictive cunt goes to the bother of doing something like that? The bastards have me in bad form and Linzi close to tears.

Fucking pathetic cunts. I wish I'd caught them.

*Scots dialect, "all of us".


fyrchk blathered this crap:

People that do that kind of thing are pieces of crap. They have nothing better to do with their lives than waste perfectly good oxygen other people could be breathing.

I wish you the best Christmas ever!

Debbie blathered this crap:

Who does that!!!!

Have a Merry Christmas.

The cunts can have the rubbish and eat it.

whyioughtta blathered this crap:

I hope they get a lump of coal in their stockings. Or a big can of whoop-ass.

p.s. You and Linzi and the kiddies have a very Merry Christmas!

The Swearing Lady blathered this crap:

How odd.

And also appropriate that they signed it "away us".

Howard blathered this crap:

People never fail to surprise me. It probably a bunch of teenagers thinking it was funny. Ha.

Well, from my snowed-in bunker in Denver, I want to wish all four of you a very Happy Christmas.

Old Knudsen blathered this crap:

Its those nazis, they see yer link up to me and they are trying to put the frighteners on you.

Desirea Madison blathered this crap:

As long as it wasn't addressed and stamped, I wouldn't worry too hard. It's mean. I had friends that stole lawn ornaments. That's mean too. Since we didn't have lawn ornaments, they were going to take a bike from us, but maybe we had motion lights or something.

They did this their senior year. I went with them after the graduation ceremony. They drove a trunkload to an isolated location and encouraged each of us to take one and drop it from the bridge.

I don't know. It seems like for some people coming of age is doing socially unacceptable things and laughing because they didn't get caught. They do it as a group, so it feels like a game.

Cindy blathered this crap:

It's not that bad, really.

Kav blathered this crap:

cinbdy it is bad in lihgt of other shit that's happend that I have't blogged about. There's a history you see, like that Michale Jacklson album only good.

Thats reminds me, back in nntey-two, my best friedn was give the choice of getting A mIchae,l Jackson alvum *(Dnagerous?) or Nirvansa Nevermin and he picked Michale jackson. ahahahah. Pure Pallrine like.

JC Skinner blathered this crap:

Obviously came from some wrinkly faced, lemon-sucking, inadequate, jealous, bitter little mong merchant.
Take it as a reminder that, despite the kindness of virtual strangers online, a lot of people out there in day to day life are still evil, small minded, vindictive little cunts stealing air and food from those of us who are actually human.
And take it as a compliment that they recognise that you are not like them.
Keep up the good work, sir.

Kav blathered this crap:

Welcome to you jc. You're absolutely right, those bastards aren't worth wasting my time on. My wife tends to feel a bit more strongly on it though, as she has to come in contact with them a bit more often. I feel bad for her because of that.

JC Skinner blathered this crap:

Arm her. High powered automatic rifle should suffice. You'll pick one up in any Gorbals bar should you find yourself up in Glesgae. Problem solved!