Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers: 1999 - 2006

This is a continuation of this. Never mind the fact that you don't like the band, just read the fucking post.

1999: I go all the way to America to spend the summer hanging around with Irish and Scots. For the first time in my life, I am successful (to the point of being choosy) with female girlwomen. Ladies of all nationalities are throwing themselves at me. I take full advantage of their foolishness, then act like a dick. Until I meet Linzi.

One morning around 5am, first light, walking home wasted from a party, I find $300 in $20 bills scattered on the street outside an Eckerd. Don't ask, I can't explain it. Later that day, I blow the lot on CDs and clothes. One of the CDs I pick up is the recently released Californication. The music on Californication is still a powerful reminder of the summer of '99 (particularly as I got to see Red Hot Chili Peppers at Woodstock*), and getting together with Linzi. When we say goodbye to one another that September (unsure if we'll be seeing each other again), one of the things I give her is a copy of that album.

2002: By the Way is released at the same time as I emigrate to Scotland. In six turbulent months between July and December 2002, I fail, then pass my driving test (sitting two tests within five days of each other), I emigrate, move in with my future in-laws and sleep on their couch for four months, start a new job in a new city, buy my first house and car, get myself £10,000 in debt to do up the house, learn to drive badly, then well, on a motorway, and top it all off by getting married. And By the Way was in my CD player constantly.

That time in my life is a yardstick for measuring stress; nothing in my life has come close, not even when we found out we were unexpectedly with child.

2004: For certain reasons, Scar Tissue is the first song I play my first-born child.

2006: Stadium Arcadium is released, but I am now too poor to buy CDs. I still haven't heard it. Is this how it ends? Are such sacrifices in the name of raising kids normal?

*incidentally, I must have been too stoned or drunk, but I missed all the violence and misery at Woodstock '99, and had myself a feckin great time. I saw some fires, and remember a crowd of dickhead American jock types singing the roof is on fire, but I wasn't privy to any of the terrible stuff the event became known for afterwards.


The Swearing Lady blathered this crap:

Do you do Messenger, you shite? Add me on me hotmail address and I'll give you Stadium Arcadium in an ould sharing folder. I'm generous that way.

Jagd Kunst blathered this crap:

I'll give them credit tho- breaking the girl taught me about hymens.

Sassy Sundry blathered this crap:

I've read the post. I always appreciate people talking about music they love. And I bet you did just fine here. Many of us dig the accent.

Desirea Madison blathered this crap:

I too, have fond memories of Californication. I used to watch the music video on the big screen my first year of college 2000. In 2002, I sang it karaoke, when one of my actor friends left for Los Angeles. Now I live in California! Who would have thunk?

Summer blathered this crap:

Sweet Jesus...I haven't been here in so long that I'm surprised I'm still on the blogroll.

I get a little busy and you go all RHCP on me. I think I like this idea though, I'm quite into music myself. Unfortunately, my life would play out a lot like the soundtrack to a snuff film lately.

I'll be back around more as soon as the old people leave my house.

Devin blathered this crap:

You are a langer....give me pub address or something and I'll post you a copy of the album.
I'm serious.
I have about 150 cds to buy as part of an insurance settlement and I can live with 149.

Where in the US did you live/work/find wads of cash?

Sinéad blathered this crap:

I went to see them in the SFX in March 1992, only because I wanted to see Henry Rollins. Have to admit that the tattooed beefcake blew them off the stage. He's one intense fecker.
The RHCP's have a couple of great songs, but I've noticed an overall sameyness about them. That said, Anthony Kiedis is hot.

Thanks for your recent comments Kav, great to have found this blog.

Blunt Cogs blathered this crap:

Your debut strip is now online - congratulations Kav!

Kav blathered this crap:

sweary: I'm sure I have an account somewhere, but I'm not a regular user. Thank you though - I'll see if I can find you out there.

jagd: hymens are for pussies.

sassy: Thanks. It was a load of shite actually, but nice of you to say otherwise.

desirea: Some day, when I'm old and grey, I'll visit California. It's on my list.

summer: Welcome back. Have not fear, it probably won't be a regular thing. I'm not much of a music critic.

devin: Thanks a million for the offer, that's very good of you. I wouldn't like to do that though. You know yourself how touchy Irish people are if we think we're getting charity.

sinéad: Welcome to you, thanks for popping in. Henry Rollins was class - the first time I heard Disconnect my mouth was hanging open at how cool this guy was (smashing the tv screen at the end of the vid...class). A friend's older brother was really into Black Flag, so I heard quite a lot of his stuff. He seems to be more of an AK-TOR these days though.

blunt cogs: Hooray! I'll have to send everyone over. Thank you.

Devin blathered this crap:

Kav you ARE a la-la!
It's not charity...we're ripping off an insurance company*.Christ almighty you can't get more Irish than that.

Currently reading H.Rollins'superb "Solipsist". It's sheer fucking brilliance,every word is like two Stanley knife blades taped together with a matchstick wedged between them.Serious aggro.

BTW Kav,How exactly does one "Fist" a cosh? I have to admit I'm intrigued and as ,always,open to new experience.

*just my little joke...heh.

Kav blathered this crap:

Thanks very much Devin - I will mail you. I can't wait to read a non-technical book again - I'll be requesting some good reads when I get back to blagging.

I debated over the use of that, what with the connotations, but "fisting one of those cosh things" sounded more dangerous and urgent than saying "holding one of those cosh things".

Summer blathered this crap:


I won't lie. When I saw Blunt Cogs say:

'Your debut strip is now online - congratulations Kav!'

I thought for sure that they were linking to you stripping your clothes off. Shamefully, I clicked the link to look at a naked Kav.

Are you laughing at me now?

Ang blathered this crap:

It's funny, a Canadian accent worked the same for me when I was in Ireland!!!

By the Way was the CD on repeat when I was there.

Anonymous blathered this crap:

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