Sunday, October 08, 2006

You awful, awful cunt

Blogging gives global access to your words. In the transfer of my experiences from life to the page you're reading, so much shit is lost along the way. I'll use references and in-jokes, and I forget that nobody else has a bloody clue what I'm talking about.

Global access means there's lots of potential for misinterpretation, for insults to be derived where none are intended. Worse, I might be insulting you and you don't get it.

You fucking retard.

Anyway, Cindy-Lou was asking in a previous comment about the various uses of the word "cunt". This word is more or less taboo in polite company in the US, whereas it's the cornerstone of conversational English in Ireland or Scotland. Since most of my posts tend to be written in conversational English, the word tends to slip out now and then.

Here, cunt can refer to a friend*: "That cunt owes me a pint"

or to an enemy: "He's a total cunt, make no mistake"

or to a greeting: "Alright cunt, how's it going?"

or be used in sympathy: "I feel sorry for the poor cunt - he came home to find his wife shagging a teenager"

or to replace any noun - for example the sentence "Joe, pass me the wrench, I need to change the wheel" could just as easily be spoken as "Cunt, pass me that cunt, I need to change this cunt"

or to a state of mind: "John was totally cunted last night"

or be used in an insult: "He's a slippery, conniving cunt, that Steve"

or to describe a tiresome situation: "I've had an absolute cunt of a day"

or a difficult situation: "That exam was cuntish, wasn't it?"

The word cunt is used on occasion to describe the female of the species, although she'd have to be a right scheming harridan whore of a bitch altogether for someone to call her that.

If you see me writing cunt on my blog, chances are it fits into one of the above categories, and has no relevance to its original meaning regarding ladyparts. I rarely, if ever, refer to females as cunts.

I find it rude.

More reading here.

*please note that there is nothing insulting in the subsequent example. Cunt is the equivalent of the word "gentleman" in this sentence.


freshairlover blathered this crap:

I lived with a Scottish man and he used the word cunt all of the time. I love the word. I used it all of the time. Unfortunately, I get a lot of dirty looks because of it.

I think it's one of those uptight Puritanical things that most American's seem to have a problem with letting go of.

The Swearing Lady blathered this crap:

What kind of cunt would get annoyed over a cunting word?


Conan Drumm blathered this crap:

Only a total tool would be affronted to hear the word cunt

Old Knudsen blathered this crap:

What a lot of cunts, I say bring back 'fuck' and I'm sick of explaining my remarks to Yanks all the time, the gems that are lost or that go over their heads so now I just call them a gift and leave them even more confused.

Tom Gaylord blathered this crap:

cunts are funny!

Steph blathered this crap:

We like to say cunt in Oz quite a bit too.
I only use it when i'm well pissed off though. My mummy hates it and brought me up to believe ladyeees dinnae say CUNT!!

Lucky i aint no lady!

Kav blathered this crap:

cunt: Absolutely cunting right.

cunt: I know what you mean. Stupid cunts.

cunt: Yeah, a tool. Or a cunt.

cunt: It's best to be cryptic about these things.

cunt: They are indeed funny. They make life entertaining.

cunt: If you were a lady, your blog wouldn't be anywhere near as amusing.

Cindy blathered this crap:

Hey, I never said I was offended by the word, I'm just used to hearing it in bed.


Kav blathered this crap:

cunt: saucy!

CelineDion blathered this crap:

No I don't think the word Cunt is offensive at all. I use it all the time, mostly about my fucking mother-inl-law. She really is a cunt and come top think of it I'm a cunt too because married her fucking hidoeus money grabbing cunt of a daughter. What a fucking cunt I've been!

Best of luck.... Celine Dion