Tuesday, October 03, 2006


"Come on, let's crack open the champagne that Sharon gave you for your thirtieth!"


"Ah come on, let's have some! It's good news, isn't it?"

"I said I don't want to have champagne, Kav."

"Not even a glass?"

"Look, we are not celebrating me not being pregnant, okay? It's not right."

"Yeah. Okay. Fair enough, when you put it like that."


"I'm glad you're not though."

"Me too."


Kim Ayres blathered this crap:

Sounds like a damn good reason to celebrate - not that I don't love my kids dearly - it's just that I'm finally beginning to accept the idea of being a Grandad.

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog, by the way.

Marika blathered this crap:

Ah, I may have performed a happy dance or two myself when at the same realisation. That too, may be wrong.

Kav blathered this crap:

kim: My dad became a dad at 20, a grandparent at 46. I don't think he was ready for either, but he's done remarkably well in spite of it.

It's good to be reading someone somewhat "local".

marika: I just could not have handled the thought of having three kids under the age of three. Who'd have thought that just after having a kid is a woman's most fertile time? Lesson learned, I can tell ya.

freshairlover blathered this crap:

Well, I would have celebrated but then again I'm a lush.

The Swearing Lady blathered this crap:

Finding out that you're not pregnant is a great reason to go on the piss. It was either go on the piss or go on the urine samples, and the piss is so much more fun. In fact, I pretend that I might be pregnant once a month just to go on the tear afterwards. The tear as opposed to the episiotomy. You see where I'm going with this? I rock.

Kav blathered this crap:

Debbie: Any excuse for you eh? We'd get on grand, so we would.

TSL: This reminds me of that post about Jesus's crucifixion and him going out on the lash after. Clever clogs.

Cindy-Lou blathered this crap:

Don't you kids know about birth control?

Fat Sparrow blathered this crap:

"I just could not have handled the thought of having three kids under the age of three."

My little brother and his wife have 3 under 3, and now he looks 10 years older than me, ha. Scarily enough, his wife looks as fresh as the day they married years back. I am seriously starting to suspect that she is a vampire, and is sucking the life out of him, and not in that good way that men like, if you know what I mean. Ah well, I never liked him, anyway.

Steph blathered this crap:

Oh fun times. I've had the odd occasion myself where I've been very fucking glad to get my period.

Contraceptives Kav, get yourself some. STAT.

Kav blathered this crap:

cindy-lou/steph: There's various issues around when a girl can start taking the pill again after pregnancy. We knew, but for some reason the window of opportunity was missed for another month, and we couldn't wait that long to, you know.

As for condoms, don't make me laugh. I might as well have a wank as use a condom, for all the feeling they give you*.

fat sparrow: I've just said thanks be to God again after reading your comment. I think the same thing would happen to me.

*I can say this because I'm in a committed relationship. AIDS is bad, though. Be careful everyone. And yeah yeah, I'm an irresponsible whateverthefuck. But it's true. I might as well have a welly on my lad.

Cindy-Lou blathered this crap:

What's a welly?

fatmammycat blathered this crap:

It's a rubber boot, much loved by farmers and it girls.

Kav blathered this crap:

cindy-lou: I left you a comment to explain, but fatmammycat's explanation is much more succinct.

fatmammycat: Nice to have you over. Cup of tea?