Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Family stuff

Yeah yeah, boring pictures of random people you'll never know. Skip through this post if you're looking for entertainment - I write this blog for myself, so there's going to be a certain amount of what you may call boring shite, but it's important to me.

Last weekend was excellent. There were almost 30 people in my house on Saturd
ay, as a pile of folk descended from Ireland and ate me out of house and home. At the start of it all I had my usual worries, because Linzi's family are generally fairly pious and straight-laced (she's the exception), and mine are a bunch of fucking mental patients who just want to get hammered and eat lots of food. There was a bit of wincing as I heard my sister talking with Linzi's mother about the "stupid cunt of a camera" not taking a picture properly, but after a while I just thought fuck it, and stopped fretting. Her mother will just need to accept that we say fuck and cunt a lot. I've no doubt she's praying for our immortal souls after the day-long display of colourful language she was subjected to on Saturday.

Oh well, not to worry.

It was Erin's 2nd birthday, and we also had a little naming ceremony thing for Jack.

is a picture of Erin and Jack looking at each other:

Anyway, the day went really well, and Erin got so ma
ny presents that she still hasn't opened them that's spoiled for you. Jack was quiet throughout the whole ceremony thing, during which Erin read him a poem (with a bit of help from me) and grinned from ear to ear when she got a big round of applause afterwards.

Somehow Erin stayed awake the entire day, and as soon as she collapsed into bed that night, Linzi and I went out to eat with the family and got drunk together for the first time in a very long time. We also had some food at some point, I think. One of my best friends, Paul, and his fiancée Eleanor were staying with us, so when we got home that night we fired up the patio heater thing that we've only used twice and sat outside getting wasted and talking shite until the wee hours. I managed to escape going on duty to look after Jack that night, so I was able to sleep off the worst of my hangover.

Of course, my family being my family, one night was not enough, and it was yesterday before I got the last of them sent home. From great-grandparents to cousins to sisters to complete fucking strangers, everyone was here this weekend, and they stayed until they ate and drank their fill. I'm feeling sick and exhausted and three stone heavier f
rom the various excesses, but it was well worth it. Surprisingly, given my fractured family, there was absolutely no tension or thankful for small mercies, don't look a gift horse, and all that shit.

First night drunk together for how long?

Sisters, Dad, etc:

Tomorrow, I will complain about something. And yes, I will catch up with everyone too. For now, I must sleep.


Fat Sparrow blathered this crap:

Awww, Erin is sooo cute! I just want to chew the cheeks right off her! Jack's cute, too, but he can't compete with a toddler just yet.

Kav blathered this crap:

Yes, I've had occasion to chew those cheeks myself. They're very chompable.

Conan Drumm blathered this crap:

That's living...

The Swearing Lady blathered this crap:

Chomps are the most chompable, though. Do you remember Chomp bars, Kav?

Sounds deadly. Invite me next time.

Summer blathered this crap:

How fun for you! Drunkeness is always a good thing.

Who's the guy in the light blue/dark blue stripe shirt?

Kav blathered this crap:

conan: Twas a good time.

TSL: You know, I ate loads of Chomps when I was a chile, and I never really liked them. You'd be more than welcome along, as long as you don't mind drinking out of paper cups and surviving on crisps.

summer: Is this you making some kind of joke, or do you just not recognise me without my pirate hat/head ripped off?

The Swearing Lady blathered this crap:

Depends on the crisp, to be honest. Are we talking Tayto, King or Hunky Dory? Please don't say Walker's, they taste all wet.

DrM2B blathered this crap:

OMGoddess!!!!,,,,,I just want to snuggle her..... squeeze those cheeks!!! Get that little angel in commercials....she could sell anything with her preciousness! U two make beautiful babies!!

Kav blathered this crap:

TSL: I am sick of Walker's as they're all I can get over here...I'm going to go with McCoy's Mexican Chilli flavour, which you should try if you haven't already.

drm: I know, I can't believe an ugly motherfucker like myself helped create someone so beautiful. I figure all I did was determine her sex, and the rest she got from Linzi.

Desirea Madison blathered this crap:

The two of you make an attractive couple. In that small photo, I can't see why you think you're an ugly motherfucker. I can see a very happy man.

Kav blathered this crap:

desirea: Cheers, appreciated.