Sunday, September 03, 2006

Snippets from the weekend

Here are some things that Erin said this weekend that gave me a proper belly-laugh. Bear in mind that she's not even two yet.


Erin: Daddy, I've got a raggy nail.

Me: Aw, do you darling?

Erin: I need a manicure.


(sound of noisy motorbike going past)

Erin: The cunt on the grass.
Me (a bit worried, trying to remember when I taught her the word "cunt"): What did you say sweetie?

Erin: The cunt on the grass with the lawn-mowah.

Me: Oh, cutting the grass with the lawnmower - no darling, that was just a motorbike going past.



(Head & Shoulders ad comes on the tv)

Erin: Oh yes! Yes!

I look at her for a heartbeat, then realise she's doing the orgasm bit from the Herbal Essences shampoo ad. Cue me doubling up with laughter.


Linzi and I had a minor argument this evening. We had ordered Chinese, and I wanted to go and pick it up wearing my pyjamas.
I am aware this makes me a lazy white trash skanky hillbilly white-string-vest-wearing bastard, but I couldn't be bothered changing, cos my jeans had got soaked when I was out earlier, and I was comfortable in the pyjamas.

Linzi, as most women would, refused to let me out like that, on the grounds that I would get jumped and get my head kicked in if anyone noticed I was wearing pjs.

Just in case, though, I tried on my jacket and put on my boots, and personally, I don't even think you would notice I'm wearing pyjamas:


Anyway, Linzi won the argument, and so I put on my shitty soggy jeans.

Hope your weekend's as much fun as mine.

Update: I've had some notes from people saying they can no longer leave me comments and such. Thanks for letting me know. I have found that I can't leave any of you guys comments either (Steph, if you read this, I had a great response to add to your latest post, so email me if you want it!), so I guess that makes us even. Bastards...

Just another Blogger Beta bug. Still, the sooner all of you move over to it, the better. Hurry up. Move along in an orderly fashion.

Update #2: Bollocks to this, I can't comment anywhere. Stupid free pile of shite Blogger.


freshairlover blathered this crap:

I can comment!!!!

Your daughter is so cute. I go to the convenience store in my jammies all of the time. Especially when it's raining.

kav blathered this crap:

Debbie! Woot! One person's able to comment...

So does anyone notice when you wear your nightwear outside? I'm assuming you're talking about a cleavage-enhancing-basque/suspenders combo, because that's what all women wear to bed, all the time.