Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oh jaysis

Linzi and I had an Indian for dinner last night. He was delicious.


Tell you what though, I'm suffering for it today. Fucking hell, who'd have thought it smells the exact same when it comes out the other end as when you're eating it.

Hope your weekend is as eventless as mine.


Cindy-Lou blathered this crap:

Jeez Louise, thanks for...uh...that.

freshairlover blathered this crap:

You know, I eat so much Indian that it has no effect on me whatsoever.

Thank the gods.

Natalie blathered this crap:

I have never had a poo problem w Indian food and I eat it lots but at least you had good smelling poo.

The Swearing Lady blathered this crap:

You sicken me.


Kav blathered this crap:

cindy-lou: No problem. You got me on a bad day. I think.

debbie: That's my problem right there - I love the food but don't eat it often enough. You just reminded me of another poo story. I may tell it some day.

natalie: I don't know if I'd go so far as to say it smelt good...

TSL: Not as much as Bertrand Ahern does, I'll wager.

Plimco blathered this crap:

It sort of burns your ass hole too, doesn't it?

Once I went on a 5 mile hike up a mountain with my dog after eating chicken tikka masala the night before. Had to jump off the trail. Explosive poo. I tried my best to fend her off, but...

(hangs head)

My dog fucking ate it.

Nothing like seeing your own feces smeared all over your dog's face.