Sunday, September 03, 2006

Monday blues came early

Well, I knew Sunday was going to be shit. I've spent most of today either nursing my screaming colicky boy or working. My blood pressure's a tad on the high side. Usually, I refuse to work weekends. I spend enough time during the week away from my family. There's just too much shite happening at work this month though, so I need to stay on top of things.

Add to this the fact that nobody can post on my blog, and I have to use shitty aliases to post on others, and I am now twice as pissed off. I was counting on some of you people's comments to pass my day as I stared at this screen, but even that's been taken away from me by Blogger and their jackassery. Thanks, though, to those of you who mailed me.

Bollocking shite on this cunt of a fucker anyway. I have to be up at 4.30am. I'm supposedly on a half-day tomorrow, but because of a combination of crap, I have to go in early to try and get my shit together before everyone comes in and starts bothering me.

I'm wrecked. My mother's coming to visit tomorrow. That's why I'm on a half-day. She's coming for a day. Yes, she's flying from Ireland tomorrow morning, then home tomorrow night. She'll see us for maybe 6 hours. Don't ask. I'm too fucking tired to get into it.

Feel free to mail me in lieu of commenting - it's much appreciated. And don't think I haven't been trying to post on your blog - it's just that this Beta bastard is wreaking havoc on my every move.

(Microsoft) Word.