Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bonding and that.

I've been pretty grumpy recently, in case you hadn't noticed. You'd notice it alot more on here than you would IRL, because in real life I haven't been acting any different. This is my place to rant and be a wanker, hence the splutterings from the past while.

Last night, though, I bonded with my boy. It was the first real, intimate, father-son thing to happen between us, and it made me forget, if only for a while, about all the money worries and other stuff that's going on at the moment.

What happened was, I helped him go from this:

to this:

I was getting him dressed after his bath, and he started to whimper. I tried shushing him, but it turned into a full-blown cry as I slipped him into his tiny pyjamas. Instead of picking him up, I held his arms and gently pressed them to his chest. I started talking that strange language of non-sequitors that you do with babies. I don't mean goo-goo ga-ga baby-talk, which I cannot stand; it's highly patronising, and it's bloody irritating. No, just things like "It's ok my boy...what's the matter...your big sister's getting her bath now...what's all the fuss about...Daddy's starving...good boy...Daddy's seriously horny for Mummy..." and so forth. Soothing stuff.

OK, I didn't say the horny part.

Anyway, he stopped crying almost immediately, and the whole time I held him, we just looked into each other's eyes.


freshairlover blathered this crap:

He is so cute!

Congrats on the bonding and I hope you get some booty soon.

Kav blathered this crap:

Hells yeah! I'm working on it Debbie...


DrM2B blathered this crap:

LOL...why thanx....I like the girls too...they get A LOT of attn tho......

your son is beautiful!!....and Im envious of your 'moment'.....that totally ROX!

now find me a kiltwearin accent speakin fool so I can make moments too!......

Anonymous blathered this crap:

what a doll!! ... ~ hdw

Anonymous blathered this crap:

HOLY CRAP!! I GOT TO COMMENT! Albeit thru anonymous, but I did it ... HELLS YEAH, BITCHES!!! ~ hdw

(that is all) :)