Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tell me, rude people: why are you rude?

I am fucking seething right now. I'm in awe at the sheer ignorance of some people. How much effort does it take to be polite and use some manners? Not. Fucking. Much. For some people, though, even to drag their eyes away from their monitor to look at you when you're asking them a question is too much for them.

*rewind to 2pm*

I was offsite, at one of our other offices, doing a walkthrough of an application with one of the system administrators. Blah blah blah, nobody wants to hear any of the boring techie crap. Suffice to say that I finished the walkthrough at 2.10pm, and had one final item to get info on that the current person couldn't help me with.

She told me I would need to talk to Ignorantbitchface to get that bit of info. Just to clarify, Ignorantbitchface is her real name; even her parents knew she'd be a fucking bitch.

One thing I can't stand is rudeness, especially in the workplace. On the street, okay, there's always going to be some rude bastards around, but at work, it's just not acceptable. I don't care if you're the CEO or the janitor - you should treat people with respect. It's the only way you'll earn it. The only place you should be rude is your blog. Fuck shit piss arse balls etc.

So, Ignorantbitchface is on the phone. Fine, I think, I'll wait for her to finish.
Now, if it was me, and I saw someone waiting for me, I would finish my call as promptly as possible, so that I could deal with the person standing in front of me. But that's just me, and I realise that some people do things differently.

That's why I stay calm when she hangs up the phone...
twenty-five minutes later.

I take a deep breath, and say "Hi Ignorantbitch, how are you doing?" (She gets called Ignorantbitch for short.)

She doesn't even respond, because two other fuckers come over to ask her questions. She speaks to the first girl without acknowledging me, and then dismissively says "I'll just be a minute, Kav" as she starts conversing with this other chap, who looks like he might be her manager.

Again, if this was me, even if this was my manager coming to me with an important question, I would still turn to him and say "Sorry N, but Kav has been standing here for a while waiting to talk to me - I'll give you a shout as soon as I've finished, ok? We won't be long."

Wimp that I am, I sit there for another ten fucking minutes. At that point, I feel like the top of my head might be about to explode, so I stand up, push my chair in, and say "I've gotta get going. I'll mail you later, you ignorant cunt".

OK, I didn't say the "you ignorant cunt" part. But I wanted to.

I stormed out of there, hoping that the uncharacteristic curtness and lack of sociability in what I said would make her see what an obnoxious cow she had just been. I drove home white-knucked, gripping the steering wheel like it was her throat.

I should point out, in case you think this is why, that she is not in any way senior in the company - we are roughly equivalent in our status, although she has been there over 20 years, and I'm there a year and a half. So it's not as though I can even say "Oh well, she's in a high pressure job in senior management, and sometimes those guys forget their basic social skills, they're under so much pressure".

I mean, I'm talking basic common courtesy here. I wouldn't treat a pet with such disdain.

I think that I should say something to her, explain how rude I found her actions. I work with her fairly regularly, and the nature of our work involves alot of challenging and cross-questioning. If I don't say something now, I can picture it building up and up and up, and then the next time she questions me on something, I'm gonna smash her fucking head with a baseball bat like Robert DeNiro did to that guy in The Untouchables.

Better yet, I'll get The Hoff to do it:

Update: I spoke to a colleague, and he thinks she was just correctly prioritising who she felt she should talk to in order of seniority. I think that (a) she was chatting on the phone about completely non-work-related stuff at various times during her half-hour conversation, so they can't have been that senior, and (b) I hate that stupid stuffy-corporate-hierarchy-hamster-ball-mentality.

I'm going to finish my work, and just forget about this.

I must say, having a blog is great therapy. In the past, all my rage would have been bottled.


fyrchk blathered this crap:

You should've called her a cow. But had a back-up for when she said, "What did you just say?"

Something like..."How ya like me now?"

freshairlover blathered this crap:

What a bitch! We should be able to flick people in the face when they act like that.

DrM2B blathered this crap:

ya know...I am TOTALLY with ya on this one...BUT....we (because I have OFTEN encountered the same behaviours here at ****) must remember.....people are in technology jobs for a reason!.....and that reason is their social skills SUCK!...we are not the norm!

*Id like to know what is up with NOT saying hello or even acknowledging eachother when YOU TWO are the only two in the vacinity!.....

duckie blathered this crap:

try just releasing your anger. don't hold it back.

Kav blathered this crap:

fyrchk: I would love to have done that, but my red face would've given it away. I ALWAYS go red.

Debbie: Now that would be cool. just flicking someone hard right on the bridge of the nose would be extremely satisfying...

drm2b: Tell me about it...I could probably overload my blog with those types of stories but I don't like being angry Kav...

duckie: Anytime I've done that, I have always regretted it...though it does make for funny stories after the fact...