Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Very, very, very bad timing

Our car is 8 years old. It's a heap of shit. We used to have two cars, but I sold mine because money was tight and blah blah blah. When we first bought the car, the guy warned us that we'd eventually need a new key, as the button on the key to disengage the immobiliser is almost kaput.

Somehow, the key has lasted us nearly 2 years. Until Saturday.

Linzi, as my numerous faithful readers will know (hah), is due at the end of July. She's exhausted, and she's been told she will probably go early because of the way the baby is lying. So on Saturday evening, when she said she needed to lie down a while, I thought, ok, let's give her a quiet house, so I take Erin to Blockbuster to pick out a DVD for later.

(DVD: Jarhead - definitely worth a watch. Donnie Darko is in it for the ladies, but Linzi said she would've enjoyed it even if he hadn't been in it.)

DVD rented, Erin and I get to the car. I push the button to unlock it. Nothing.

Ten minutes fruitless button-pushing later: nothing. And it's raining.

I have no credit on my phone. I have to ask a random kindly gent if I can use his phone to call Linzi. Linzi calls her mother, who drives over to ours. Linzi comes over to rescue Erin and I in her mother's car. By now it's almost 9pm and Erin is shattered, the poor darling. She was as good as gold through the whole miniature disaster. The minor catastrophe.

We drop Erin off at home and leave her with Linzi's mum. Then we have to drive the whole way over to Linzi's bro, Colin, to get his tow-rope.

I hate towing. And fuck technology as well. Without fucking immobilisers and fancy anti-theft ignition controls, I wouldn't be in this position.

Looking on the bright side, at least this didn't happen to me at work, in the middle of Glasgow. Now that would've been a nightmare, getting towed through Glasgow at rush-hour.

If you want the Cliff Notes version, now I have no car, and no money to get it fixed (£140 for a feckin key!), and I have to get the train to work each day, which adds two hours onto my daily commute. It has, however, allowed me to do alot of reading. I have read Irvine Welsh's entire back-catalogue recently.

The main thing, of course, is if Linzi goes into labour while I'm at work, chances are high that I might miss my baby being born. Her labour with Erin only lasted an hour and a half, and they think this one will be quick too. If I'm at work when I get the call, I could well miss what I can only describe as the single most amazing experience a man can ever have: being there for the birth of my son or daughter.

This has the potential to really suck.


Michael blathered this crap:

Buy a bicycle. :P

Kav blathered this crap:

I used to cycle everywhere back home. It's not so easy here though. I live 18 miles from where I work...even at my fittest I prob couldn't do that in less than an hour. And the roads here are dangerous...I pity the cyclists.

Michael blathered this crap:

My ride to work is quite short and takes 25 minutes... which is 15 minutes worth of traffic negotiation and 10 minutes worth of forward motion. 18 miles is a bit far :-/

Summer blathered this crap:

If you're a bit short on the money for the car repair, you could keep some money back for a taxi. If your somewhere and you get the labor call, you can hop in a taxi with your emergency money, no?

Kav blathered this crap:

summer: I just forked out £100 at the weekend for the new key, so it should be on it's way in the next week or so. It will cost another £60 when it arrives for the guys to programme in the code....pah.

It's cool though - I've had plenty of offers from the guys and gals at work to drop everything and give me a lift if I need it! Hooray!

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