Saturday, July 01, 2006


blurry neon three foot vision,
her curves and curls quell my remission,
they say we're good together, so electric,
oh but now her words are anaphylactic;
when she says "i love you", it's
right out of the blue, but all i
can say is "oh really, you do?"
and stutter and stammer my way
right out the door, and
collapse on a bench 'cause my conscience
is sore, so i try to make up
for my earlier panic by
talking real fast and acting more manic
than usual, i tell her she's my jewel
and yeah i love her too
but she's no fool and she's crying
and angry she said anything and i'm trying
and failing to deal with this thing, so
just stop now, let's leave it, there's nothing
to say, just because i don't feel it
don't mean i won't someday, so
i take her home and say good night
and make my way back to a
drunken apartment and drunken lads whose
usual knack to cheer me up and chill me out
is failing tonight 'cause i'm really
not sure how to put this thing right...
and i wake hours later and start
writing some words, i spill my life through
my pen and i pray i'll be heard, and
i skive off on my break to get this
message to this girl, and my chest seems to
burst and my stomach it whirls till
she turns to me and smiles, and
says "we'll be alright", and as the
unknown stretches just out of our sight, we
put our faith in blind love, and at least there's tonight.


Kav blathered this crap:

This is about how we met.

Kav blathered this crap:

It's kind of stream-of-consciousness....things were messy at that time!