Sunday, July 23, 2006

5 things that really piss me off

  1. People that make questions out of statements. They do this by raising their voice at the end of a sentence? Fuck off back to the OC, assburglar.
  2. Drivers who don't use their indicators. Is it really such a big fucking hassle to flick that little stick behind the steering wheel up or down? These pricks especially piss me off if Erin's in the car and they do something dangerous, like cut in too close in front of me without warning. Before I know it I'm saying motherfucker and considering crashing into the fucking prick just out of spite, to show them they fucked with the wrong motorist. But then I remember that (a) Erin's in the car and I'm kinda supposed to be keeping her safe and (b) besides, I'm not a fucking psychopath.
  3. People (generally women - sorry ladies) who insist on holding up a queue after their transaction has been completed by organising their purse/mobile phone/handbag/lipstick/dildo/whateverthefuck while still standing at the fucking cash register. What the fuck is wrong with these jizzgoblins? There's a fucking queue, bee-atch. Sort your shit out over there somewhere.
  4. Banks and their associated administration procedures, all of which come at a cost directly incurred by each individual customer, ie you and I. I could spend all fucking day on this one, so I'm stopping now.
  5. People I work with who think what I do is pointless/a waste of time. Ever heard of Enron, fuckface? How about Worldcom? Tyco? Hey, I never said it was very interesting, but at least have the fucking common sense to acknowledge that Senator Sarbanes and Representative Oxley probably had more in mind when setting up these regulations than just pissing you off, you fucking arrogant, set-in-your-ways tosser.
That felt great. Cheers.



Michael blathered this crap:

Now there's a proper fucking blog entry!

I feel totally uninspired tonight so I'm just going to post in your comments section rather than my own blog :P I bought that new camera yesterday and toko it out to dinner. People don't give a shit about my new camera and soon tired of me cuddling it and blathering about how wonderful it is. So today I went out with flickr people.. who are all about cameras! Aaaah that hit the spot.

5 things that piss me off. People, I always find they get on my nerves. Traffic, because almost all traffic is mob mentality - emphasis on mental. TV, it's by morons for morons, please switch it off. Printers, they're cheap but the inks cost more than memory cards for my cameras, go figure. God, another by morons etc.

Beckie R blathered this crap:

As for the women at the cash register, all we want to do is get that receipt into our wallets and our credit cards back in place before tucking said wallet away in our purses and grabbing our bags to leave. For the women who insist on doing more housekeeping than that, I agree, pack it up and do it somewhere else.