Tuesday, June 20, 2006

She told me she loved me yesterday!

No, not the sophomoric ramblings of a love-struck teen, haha.

Linzi and I were sitting in the doctor's waiting room - we had to register with a new one since we only recently moved here - and Erin was being her usual gorgeous, amazing, clever self, chatting and pointing out stars, and flowers, and reading phone numbers (she knows 1 through 10 - how many 1 and a half year olds know that?!?!) when she suddenly came across to me, cuddled against me and said "Love you".

There is no feeling like this.

The other people sitting waiting looked up, shaken out of humdrum apathy for a brief moment, touched by my darling girl's honest, innocent declaration. For her, maybe it was only something she said because we say it so much to her, but it doesn't matter; she said it because she knew it was a nice thing to say. There was no duplicity, no manipulation, no worries about requiting...it was pure and good and untainted by cynicism, and it made my chest ache with love for her.

I wish she never had to grow up.


DrM2B blathered this crap:

oh,,,,man!!....U made me cry on this one........and Im at work!

Kav blathered this crap:

In a good way, I hope! ;-)