Friday, June 16, 2006

James Hetfield

I was home last weekend, and went to see Metallica in the RDS with the two Pauls, Doug, John, Frankie and Gina. They were excellent as always, even if he messed up the words to Nothing Else Matters, and Lars missed a few beats...they're getting old after all.

They played the entire Master of Puppets album (20th anniversary celebration), so of course everyone went mental for that. The coolest part of the whole concert for me though, was when James called his little 8-year old girl onto the stage - it was her birthday that very day - and got 30,000 metallers to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. I was a bit locked, so I can't remember her name, but she was a little sweetheart. James held her in his arms while we sang, and she held a pair of industrial-strength earmuffs to slip back on once the guitars started crunching again.

For a few minutes this girl was the eye of a hurricane, and it was great.