Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jack or Eva?

These are our name options right now. Jack is set in stone, there's no debating that one - Linzi has always said she wants to call our first boy after her dad. That's totally fine by me - it's a cool, meaningful name. However, she also wants him to have my name as his middle name. That will make his initials "JFK"....I'm not very superstitious, but I'm taking my time about agreeing to that one....

Apart from Eva, we've also got Lily and Grace, which are all lovely....I guess we prob won't know until we see her. That's how it was with Erin - she was Abby for sure, right until we held her for the first time, and then we realised she was Erin. No arguments; we just knew. I know that probably sounds dumb, but you'll have that in small towns with fast cars and drinking.

If it is a boy, the only question is: What if he doesn't look like a Jack?


Michael blathered this crap:

Just imagine if you lived in soap-opera-america... your baby could be born looking like a 'Cruz' or 'Bud'.


Ashley has always been a name that tickled my fancy.

Sherri blathered this crap:

I like Jack and I like Eva. I think they're both great choices.